Chandrabhaga Beach

Not only Chandrabhaga beach is a holy river as pious as Ganga but also situated very close to world famous Konark Sun Temple. The pristine sea beach is rich with white sands and Casuarina forests; it is clean and beautiful like a blue flag beach. The sunrise at Chandrabhaga is mesmerizing and an experience of lifetime worth witnessing. This place is also ideal for picnics and other group activities. Recently, Government of Odisha has started working on a plan to make it an international beach and furthermore with all facilities and amenities. Now tourists can indulge in adventurous water sports like water skiing, boat riding, surfing etc. at the beach.

Historical Background of Chandrabhaga Beach.

Until recent years Chandrabhaga considered a place of natural cure for lepers. Mythological ‘Shamba’ (Krishna’s Son) the cured laper worshipped the Sun God for cure on the river mouth of Chandrabhaga, the river dried. It reduced to a drybed or a narrow trickle. It has been an ideal place for religios activity. Naturally the place, away from human vegetation. Ever swept by sweet breeze and washed by untiding waves is best suited for offerings and also devine romance.

According to yet another mythological reference, Chandrabhag, the daughter of a sage, cought the attraction of the Sun God by her magical charm. The God came down to seek her hand in love. Chandrabhaga did not offer herself to the God. Maddened by romantic pangs, the God chased behind a frightened Chandrabhaga who jumped in to the river and killed herself, but succeeded in protecting her chastity. As a mark of tribute to her sacrifice therefore every year on the 7th day of the fullmoon fortnight of Magha month, lakhs of people from all over the state and outside gather to take a holy dip in the river that reduces to a shallow pool, offer their prayers to the Sun God and enjoy the Sun rise.

Naming of Chandrabhaga

Chandrabhaga’s sacrifice might have been forgotten, but the place which bears her name is remembered as a holy shrine and the place of the Rising Sun. It continues to inspire religious and meditative activities. It has been a big hunting ground for poets, artists and lovers. A moments pause at Chandrabhaga is a great fatigue healer. Numerous visitors to Konark make Chandrabhaga a positive stop. Several others stay at Konark overnight to enjoy the beauty of the following day.

In addition to a light house, close by Chandrabhaga is an added histrionic to the splendor of the place. A climb to its top truly takes you to a world of utopia. A natural deer park is recent additions to the riches of Chandrabhaga.

Also there is an ancient Mattha believed to be the Ashram of Chandrabhaga’s father and two small temples. The sight has asthenic and importance.

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