Konark to Chandrabhaga Distance

Konark to Chandrabhaga Beach

Konark to Chandrabhaga Beach Distance

Firstly Chandrabhaga Beach is situated 4km east of the Surya Inn of Konark, in the Puri district in the state of Odisha, India.It is 30 km from the city of Puri.

Formerly Chandrabhaga considered a place of natural cure for lepers. Chandrabhaga beach on the coast of Konark becoming India’s first to get the Blue Flag certification — a tag given to environment-friendly clean beaches, equipped with amenities of international standards for tourists.

What to do

We two friends once in the early winter morning left from Surya Inn Konark to Chandrabhaga by Bicycle and enjoyed the scenic beauty of this Beach. Walked down on the empty beach with barefoot. Setting sun on the horizon was looking magical. That’s what Chandrabhaga offers to its spectators.  The Chandrabhaga beach known for its beautiful sunrise and sunset.

We rode along the marine drive. Saw some places on our way where people have their picnic in the jungle by the side of the beach. Local people were arranging all the necessary stuffs for it and they charge very less. It’s a place to chill.

Located couple of kilometers away from the famous Konark sun temple, this is one of the cleanest beaches we have seen in Odisha. It was a wonderful visit mostly as we had gone early in the morning with no one around. If you plan to visit, take into account that this is Eastern India, the sun rises early and it gets dark before 6 in the evening.


Finally Nice beach to enjoy and watch the waves play their eternal game. When we went there, the beach was to ourselves without anyone around. Looks very steep.

We shoot few video clips for you to enjoy the beauty. So watch the video and try to come this place once in your life time to enjoy the natural beauty of Odisha so closely.


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