Keluni Temple

Keluni Temple

Keluni Temple situated at the banks of river Kadua close to the river mouth is just 20 Kilometers from Konark is a hidden gem for nature lovers for its unique scenic beauty. This place is also picnic spot which mostly frequented by locals and is a hidden treasure. During high tide, the sea crosses the sand beach and meets with the river which is a sight to behold. There are no public transports to Keluni Temple and one can hire a cab or auto rickshaw to reach here. If you are planning to stay at Surya Inn, they can arrange vehicles for you to enjoy this beautiful place.

Beauty of Keluni Temple:

The Keluni temple of Goddess ‘Keluni’ on the river mouth of Kadua river is a splendid scenic picnic place. It is 23 kms before Konark on the Astarang Road from Konark to Astarang. Goddess Keluni is popularly beleived the deity of Keutajanga. It is certainly more beautiful beach in Odisha. From the architectural point of view, the temple of Keluni is not important but from the religious point of view, it is one of the famous place in Astarang area.


A graceful Goddess, seated on a lotus in a Abhaya Mudra, on the river mouth of ‘Kadua’ and the endless Bay of Bengal stretched to eternity, and a thick growth of Casuarina plantation around is the scenic magnificence of the place. Before construction of the Sisua-Keutajanga road, the place was not accessable to outside visitors. However it attracted large number of local devotees. The romantic sight has always fascinated young lovers, students and picnicking troups from far wide besides a handful of professional fisherman. However after the construction of the Sisua-Keutajanga road, the place has become very easily accessable. We see regular crowd of pleasure seekers both from the neighbour hood and distant places every day.



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