Best Hotels in Konark

Konark has one of the finest collections of Hotels in India. We have handpicked the The best Hotels in...

Konark to Chandrabhaga Distance

Konark to Chandrabhaga Beach

Konark to Chandrabhaga Beach Distance Firstly Chandrabhaga Beach is situated 4km east of the Surya Inn of Konark, in the...

Konark Sun Temple - Night Lighting - Light and Sound Show - Surya Inn

Konark Sun Temple

Konark Sun Temple Above all The Konark Sun Temple is another one of the 7 wonders of India and...

Kuruma Buddhist Site

Kuruma Buddhist Site

Just 7 Kilometers from Konark lay an archaeologically significant site called Kuruma Buddhist Site, which is unknown to many....

Mangala Temple Kakatpur

Maa Mangala Temple Kakatpur

Association with Lord Jagannath Above all at the back of Ancient River Prachi situated a powerful spiritual center of...

Archaeological Museum Konark

Archaeological Museum Konark

Location of Konark Museum Located in the center of the city, the archeological museum dedicated to the Konark sun temple...

Chilika Lake from Surya Inn Konark

Chilika Lake

Where is Chilika Lake? Above all Chilika Lake is the largest brackish water lake in India and it spread...

Ramachandi Temple and Beach

Ramachandi Temple and Beach

About Ramachandi As legend goes, Goddess Ramachandi is as ancient as the Ramayana period as lord Ram worshipped the...

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