Puri Konark Marine Drive

Puri Konark Marine Drive

Exploring Coastal Bliss: Puri Konark Marine Drive


Nestled along the eastern coastline of India in the state of Odisha, the Puri Konark Marine Drive is a scenic road trip that promises an unforgettable journey. With the Bay of Bengal on one side and lush landscapes on the other, this route offers a breathtaking vista at every turn. In this blog, we’ll embark on a virtual tour of the Puri Konark Marine Drive, highlighting the natural beauty, cultural landmarks, and the enchanting Hotel Surya Inn, your perfect abode during this coastal adventure.

The Puri Konark Marine Drive: A Coastal Gem

Puri Konark Marine Drive Map


Before we delve into the details of this picturesque drive, let’s take a moment to appreciate its geography. Stretching approximately 35 kilometers, the Puri Konark Marine Drive connects the sacred town of Puri to the historic village of Konark. This scenic route hugs the coastline, offering travelers uninterrupted views of the Bay of Bengal and its pristine beaches.

Highlights of the Drive

Golden Sands and Pristine Beaches: As you begin your journey from Puri, you’ll be greeted by golden sandy beaches that stretch as far as the eye can see. Take a pit stop at Chandrabhaga Beach, where you can enjoy a leisurely walk along the shore or simply relax under the sun. The rhythmic sound of the waves crashing against the shore is the perfect symphony for your coastal escape.

The Konark Sun Temple:

One of the jewels along the Puri Konark Marine Drive is the magnificent Konark Sun Temple. A UNESCO World Heritage Site, this temple is a testament to ancient Indian architecture and craftsmanship. Its intricate stone carvings and historical significance make it a must-visit destination for history buffs and art enthusiasts.

Hotel Surya Inn: Your Coastal Haven

Hotel Surya Inn Location

During your journey along the Puri Konark, your stay at Hotel Surya Inn is a cherry on top of the experience. Conveniently located along the route, this charming hotel offers comfortable rooms and warm hospitality. After a day of exploration, return to the cozy ambiance of Surya Inn and recharge for the next leg of your adventure.

Warm Hospitality:

The staff at Hotel Surya Inn is known for their attentive and friendly service. Whether you need travel recommendations or assistance with local arrangements, their warm hospitality ensures your stay is delightful.

Culinary Delights:

The hotel features an on-site restaurant where you can savor a variety of cuisines, including the authentic flavors of Odisha. Don’t miss the opportunity to indulge in local dishes that tantalize your taste buds.

Proximity to Attractions:

Hotel Surya Inn’s strategic location allows you to visit the Konark Sun Temple and other nearby attractions with ease. Whether you’re exploring the temple’s grandeur or strolling along the beach, the hotel’s proximity ensures you make the most of your visit.


The Puri Konark Marine Drive is more than just a road trip; it’s a journey that immerses you in the natural beauty and cultural heritage of Odisha. From the golden sands to the historic treasures, every moment along this route is an experience to cherish. And when it’s time to rest, Hotel Surya Inn provides the perfect coastal haven. Explore the Drive, discover its hidden gems, and let the beauty of the Bay of Bengal captivate your senses. It’s a coastal bliss you won’t soon forget.

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