Archaeological Museum Konark

Archaeological Museum Konark

Location of Konark Museum

Located in the center of the city, the archeological museum dedicated to the Konark sun temple and has a huge collection of statues. Other artifacts from the erstwhile main temple structure of the sun temple, which was broken. Specifically this museum is located just 600 meters from the Main gate of Sun temple on the Konark-Bhubaneswar road. The museum has four galleries with around 260 antiquities on display. Each gallery stone sculptures depending on their theme. Importantly This museum is blind friendly with braille inscriptions.

First gallery of Museum

Most importantly First gallery of the museum holds 62 antiquities. Most importantly Surya in sand stone, Konark wheel, Lord Visnu, etc. These are the major attractions.

Second gallery of Archaeological Museum Konark

On the other hand Second gallery exhibits 108 antiquities including reconstructed wall of temple, the drummer and the head of the crocodile in gigantic nature. equally important Gallery as First Gallery.

Third gallery of Konark Museum

Besides this third gallery of this museum showcases 45 objects like celestial nymphs, image of Surya Narayana, Gaja Vyala, the king and his troop and various sensual figures.

fourth gallery of Museum

Finally Recent addition to the museum is the fourth gallery, which holds exhibit of 45 artifacts including roaring lion, man tied by the elephant trunk, part of a Surya image, sensual couples and king witnessing dance performances are some of the art works display at this gallery.

Moreover  you will feel proud after watching these ancient Indian artifacts. On the whole its a package for Art and culture lover.

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